Surveillance Systems Make Settling Disputes A Breeze

July 31st, 2019

Security cameras are an excellent option for deterring criminals. According to Cornell University, a study by Campbell Collaboration revealed that CCTV in parking lots reduced crime by 51-percent. Additionally, the research indicated that surveillance equipment in public transportation settings decreased criminal activities by 23-percent. However, it is beneficial to have the items in other environments, such as homes and offices too.

Prevent He Said/She Said Arguments In The Workplace With A Surveillance System

Plenty of mishaps can happen in a workplace on any given day. For instance, a male or female employee could sexually harass one of their co-workers. Of course, this is inappropriate office behavior, but it happens more often than one might think. Without video evidence of the event, the matter could merely turn into a he said/she said argument.

Organizational leaders wouldn't have any evidence to take action if no witnesses were present. However, CCTV can help as the footage can be reviewed to show who instigated the situation, and the recording can serve as the proof the company needs to dish out punishments. So, establishments should get a top-notch surveillance system, if for nothing else, to nip unfit workplace practices in the bud. 

Stop Fraudulent Office Injury Claims In Their Tracks

Unfortunately, not every employee that a company hires is honest and loyal. Sometimes, bad seeds slip through the hiring process. They can attempt to fake injuries to try and acquire compensation from the business. For example, a worker could spill a liquid substance on the floor, lay down next to it when nobody is looking, and claim that the organization's negligence caused their damages. A surveillance system can prove to be useful in these situations as the footage can be reviewed to determine whether the issue is legitimate or not.

Security Cameras In The Home

Parents can't always be with their children 24/7. After all, they have to work to earn a living and pay the bills. However, siblings will fight from time to time, that is just a part of life. If the matter becomes physical, one of the kiddos could get hurt. Perhaps, they receive a bloody nose or black eye. If the house is equipped with a surveillance system, guardians can look over the recordings to see exactly what happened. Then, they can punish one child or both children as they see fit.

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