Make Sure Your Security System Gets The Maintenance It Needs

November 21st, 2019

By installing a security system, you can make your Mount Vernon, IL home or business much safer.  You can also use the system’s cameras to keep track of customers, employees, or family members while you’re not around.  However, you’re not done with your security system after you install it.  Like everything else in the building, your security system needs regular inspections so you can be sure you’re getting the most from your devices.  Depending on your security setup, there are several areas you should inspect regularly.


Physical Installations


Over time, the security features you install in your Mount Vernon, IL location can come loose or the wires attached could weaken and snap.  If you get a solid and professional installation you won’t have much to worry about, but every now and then you should inspect the physical sensors, cameras, and other equipment to make sure it’s still secure.  Check cameras to see if they’re coming loose from their mounts or if the casing is starting to cloud up, check any exposed wiring for weak areas and stripped insulation, and check sensors to make sure they aren’t moving around.


Software Systems


Software programs can sometimes suffer from degradation over time, and computer parts can wear out.  The batteries of a wireless camera will have trouble holding a charge after a few years, so it’s important to replace them if you don’t want your cameras to suddenly go dark in the middle of the night.  Hard drives and solid-state drives will also stop working after you write and rewrite over them enough times, so keep that in mind if you record your cameras locally.


Sensor Tests


It’s a good practice to test your sensors regularly to make sure they’re still working.  For instance, you can test door and window sensors by opening them while the burglar alarm is armed, and you can test glass-break sensors by playing audio of a window shattering near them.  If you have an actively monitored system you should make sure your security company is aware that you’re testing the system before you start, although in most cases you can have the company test your system for you.


Emergency Drills


The whole point of a security system is to warn the people in your home or business that something is going wrong.  This means that emergency drills for your family or employees are just as important as the security system itself.  You should create several emergency plans for burglars, robbers, fires, floods, and other disasters, and you can make it clear what’s going on by using a different alarm sound for each emergency.  You can also save time by testing the security system and running emergency drills simultaneously.


Upgrading your security is a great choice whether you’re installing it at work or at home.  However, you need to make sure it’s still in good shape if you want all the safety features you paid for.  To discover more about security systems in Mount Vernon, IL and how to keep them running, the experts at Kunce Computers will be happy to answer your questions