4 Important Ways To Protect Your Valuables

August 26th, 2019

Most households in Mount Vernon, IL have a few valuables that need protecting.  This can include cash held for a rainy day, jewelry made with precious metals and gemstones, expensive electronics, stock and bond certificates, deeds, and other important paperwork that someone with bad intentions could use to steal your identity.  Protecting these items should be a priority, and fortunately there are several ways you can do so.

1. Write Down The Numbers

Electronics all come with individual serial numbers that identify the exact model.  Sometimes burglars and thieves will scratch these numbers out or replace them when they resell them, but many thieves don’t care about these details.  If you want to have any chance of recovering your stolen goods, you should write down these serial numbers so you can give them to the police.  You should also write down the numbers for your stocks and bonds so the issuers can send you a new copy and make a note in case someone else tries to cash them in.

2. Don’t Advertise Your Wealth

If burglars know you have a lot of valuables to take, they’re much more likely to break into your home or try to trick you so they can get in.  If you have a big home entertainment center anyone can see through the front window, if your jewelry case is open and on display, or if you leave expensive toys on the front lawn, all of this can tempt a thief into targeting your home.  To avoid this you should store your valuables during parties and be careful where you set up your big TV.

3. Find A Good Hiding Spot

Professional burglars know about all the most common hiding spots:  under mattresses, in office filing cabinets, in the backs of closets, and so on.  If you want to keep your property safe, you should come up with a creative place to hide the valuables you don’t use regularly.  For instance, you might want to install a safe behind a sliding panel or stash a safe in the back of your attic.

4. Install A Security System

Houses throughout Mount Vernon, IL have installed sophisticated security systems that include things like electronic locks, burglar alarms with sensors on the doors and windows, and surveillance cameras that can keep recording after dark and track movement when someone approaches.  These systems can deter burglars because they make your home harder to break into.  They can also help police catch criminals and make it much more likely for them to recover your stolen property.

If you think your home could use a security upgrade that goes beyond a good hiding spot for your valuables, contact Kunce Computers.  Our security experts are ready to help homeowners and businesses throughout Mount Vernon, IL with their security issues and we can help tailor a security setup that meets your needs and your budget.  Call us today to set up an initial consultation and you’ll soon find out for yourself what we have to offer.