Where Do You Go During the Winter

October 16th, 2019

Many people choose to leave a home in the northern states in favor of warmer living accommodations during the winter. Snowbirds like this tend to travel to their warmer destinations between the months of November and March, and this often leaves their primary home unoccupied.

If you are one of these snowbirds, what are you doing to safeguard your home while you are away during the winter?


Make the Home Appear Occupied

When a burglar chooses a target, they will typically case things out for a few days before they make their move. They want to see if anyone is home and get to know the homeowner's routine before they break in to ensure a minimal chance of being caught.

So, if you are not going to be home, you should make the home appear occupied until you return. Stop mail service until you get back home or have a neighbor pick up your mail, so it doesn't pile up, make sure you have someone to regularly attend to the landscape and put your lights on a schedule and timer.

You can have them turn on and off at random intervals to give the home the appearance that someone is there. A Mount Vernon home automation system allows you to control the lights.


Prevent Unauthorized Access

You should also have motion sensor lights installed around the property to keep burglars away. Once the light is triggered, the burglar no longer has the darkness to hide them when they enter your yard. Sometimes, this may be enough to deter the criminal.

Also, make sure that all windows and doors are locked and secured before you leave. Walk the home prior to leaving to make sure that all of this is done, and the property is secure.

You should also make sure that your shed and garage are locked uptight, and the windows are covered. Trim down any tall shrubs around the property that would be good for a burglar to hide in and keep all trash cans and other items away from the side of the home. When these are put away, the burglar can't climb them to reach any of the higher windows of the home to gain entry.


Security Surveillance System

One of the best ways to protect your home while you are away is by installing a high-quality and advanced security surveillance system. This kind of system lets you keep an eye on things while you are gone. You can log in and view the real-time footage at any time you want and from virtually anywhere with your mobile device.

If there is a break-in or other suspicious activity, the alarms and sensors will be triggered, and you and the authorities will receive a notification, so action can be immediately taken.

To find the best security surveillance system for your home in Mount Vernon, IL while you are away and even for when you're home, contact Kunce Computers for more information.