Picking The Right Gate For Your Property

May 30th, 2019

Anyone that owns a larger home or business in Mount Vernon, IL has an extra consideration that compared to people on smaller properties. There’s a question about controlling access. When you have a home or a workplace in a larger area, especially if you don’t want everybody to be able to step onto your property at their own discretion, barriers, such as fences or walls, become necessary. 

But what about the way people enter and leave the grounds? You need something efficient so that people coming and going in Mount Vernon, IL can do so quickly, without impeding traffic one way or the other. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a gate, but which one is right for you?

Barrier Gates

If you run a business where much traffic is coming in and out throughout the day, then barrier gates are the best solution for your work needs. This is more of a psychological barrier than an effective physical one and is most commonly seen at train crossings, toll booths, and admission to car parks. 

The barrier gate is thin, visible, and is designed to swing up quickly to allow a vehicle to pass, and then just as quickly swing down to indicate to the next vehicle that it must stop. While it’s true that such a barrier is comparatively flimsy and can be driven through, it is effective at traffic management for people that know they will be dealing with many visitors.

Sliding Gates

This is one of the most common gate choices due to its efficiency. When you want something with an economy of space, that also provides a strong, viable barrier against entry, the sliding gate is the best choice. Not only can the gate be as small or as large as you need it to be, but it can also be sturdy. Once in place, it will take extraordinary efforts to bypass this barrier.

However, when you want to open it, this is fast and easy. Sliding gates either sit on a track or wheels, so that, when the time comes, the gate literally slides to the left or right, leaving complete space and clearance for vehicles to move through.

Swinging Gate

This was one of the more common gate choices before technology made the sliding gate more feasible, but it’s still popular today. Like the sliding gate, the swinging gate can be as large and as durable as you need. Like the sliding gate, this gate can also look as simple and functional as you like, or be elaborately wrought to beautify your property, even as it secures it.

Where the swinging gate becomes an issue compared to the sliding gate is in space availability. As the name implies, swinging gates slide inward or outward. This means that depending on whether it is a one or two-piece gate, you have to ensure there is available space for the gate to swing into its open position fully.

Whatever your choice for the gate, it can be an essential piece of your security puzzle in Mount Vernon, IL for your home or your business.