Five Safety Tips For Seniors Living Alone

September 27th, 2019

We all know the boomers are aging. Many seniors are choosing to remain at home and live independently as long as possible. As they age, it becomes more and more important to make sure they are safe in their homes. The most common issues are falls, bathroom hazards and becoming victims of crime. If you have an elderly family member who is living independently or you yourself are living on your own, the following are some tips to help you stay safer and remain in your home longer:

1. Identify Tripping and Falling Hazards:

One of the most common injuries that happen to seniors is tripping over something and falling.  Falls are one of the leading causes of death among those over 65. So keep in mind the following:

  • Read medicine labels to make sure your meds don't cause light-headedness and use tables and counters to prevent falling.
  • Bring your groceries or items inside in smaller loads, take more trips.
  • Watch out for your pets, especially when walking backwards.
  • Replace light bulbs with higher wattage to make the rooms brighter.

2. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy:

Many seniors do not want to “bother” the police so they won’t call 911. If it is important to you, place that call! Always keep a list of important phone numbers by your phone. These phone numbers should include:

  • The non emergency police number
  • Poison Control
  • Your Doctor’s office
  • Family member or friend’s number to call

3. Always Lock Your Doors:

You should always keep your front door locked as it is the favored entry of criminals. There are some simple things you can also do for more protection at your front door:

  • Install deadbolts
  • Never open a door to strangers
  • Never tell strangers you are home alone
  • Verify all repairmen by calling their company and verify

4. Install Doorbell Cameras:

It is a great tool for seniors to install a doorbell camera. Many seniors let strangers in to be neighborly. While peepholes are helpful, with failing eyesight it is not always clear who is out there. Doorbell cameras will help you:

  • Deter criminal behavior
  • Helps you screen visitors
  • You can see your packages delivered
  • Reduces insurance premium

5. Avoid Bathroom Hazards:

The bathroom is another area that seniors are at risk for injuring themselves. There are some simple measures you can take there as well:

  • Set the thermostat on the water heater no higher than 120 to prevent burns
  • Place no slip mats on the bathtub or shower floor
  • Have grab bars installed
  • Switch out your toilet for a chair height one.

When it comes to safety it is smart to play it safe. One of the best crime deterrents and protection is to install a security camera system. Many security systems have the ability for caregivers to monitor their family members. Another benefit is a panic button to alert for medical assistance. The experts at Kunce Computers can design a security system that will meet your needs and budget. With over 50 years of combined experience protecting Mount Vernon seniors, we not only design and install your system, but will provide ongoing support. 

15 years in business ongoing support.